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How to setup and run JavaFX version 13 `Hello World` project using IntelliJ IDEA

Published Jan 30, 2020


JavaFX had been a be part of JDK untill version 8 however if you want to use the latest JavaFX version, it doesn’t come bundled with the standard JDK anymore. This is not a huge problem, as it can be installed as a 3rd party library in your Java Projects. There are just a few steps that we have to follow in order to set it all up as follows:

Pre-requisite :

At the time of writing this tutorial I’m using Java 13 so first step is to make sure you hava JDK 13.x on your machine. You can can download and intall either Oracle JDK or the open source OpenJDK from

JavaFX Setup :

Make sure you have the corresponding version of JavaFX Runtime, in my case it would be JavaFX 13.x which can be downloaded from You can save it anywhere, I generally like to keep in in the same directory where JDK lives.

IntelliJ Setup & Running Hello World Application :

  1. Create a new Project–> JavaFX –> JavaFX Application (make sure Project SDK maps to JDK 13).

  2. Follow the Wizard to create the project and give is a meaningful name (in my case I called it HelloJavaFX).

  3. You should see a Simple JavaFX Project created for you, click on file and notice how the classes are not loaded.

  4. Install the JavaFX library for your Project by going to File –> Project Structure –> Library –> Java –> location to JavaFX lib folder.

  5. Notice the Main.Java file will now become error free as the IDE will be able to detect the required JavaFX classes.

  6. Click on “Run” in menu bar –> “Edit Configuration” and now we need to provide JVM options in order to execute JavaFX program.

  7. In “VM Options” provide the JavaFX lib directory path in your machine as following arguments : –module-path PathToFolderJavaFXSDK/lib –add-modules javafx.controls,javafx.fxml.

  8. Click on “Apply” and “Ok” button.

  9. Run the Project by clicking “Run” Menu –> “Run Main”.

  10. Congrautlations, you are now running JavaFX 13 Application and you can see ‘Hello World’ in the title of the same!.